For me, life is a story that must be told. I am a raconteur; the camera is my pen, and light, my ink.

There is a certain power we wield when behind the camera: observing, capturing, then re-rendering life the way we see it. I feel it is imperative to always strive to use this power to bring good into the world, whether it is through advancing social justice, or by simply bringing joy and beauty into a person’s life.

Photography has held a special allure for me since I can first remember. I will always recall the spark that was ignited in me my first time in a darkroom as I watched my images magically take form. Before understanding exactly what was driving me, I began experimenting with photography at a very young age. Since that time, although I have more recently had some outstanding professors to help guide me and hone my skills, I have been mostly self taught.

I recognize a certain duality in my photography. While I have a deep love and admiration for depicting history accurately with minimally altered journalistic style photography, I cannot deny my creative perspectives. I consciously satisfy this dichotomy by only minimally editing my work, while simultaneously allowing myself the freedom to creatively express my interpretation of the world.

There is also a certain ethic by which I feel I must live. Because of my very strong belief in animal rights and strict veganism, I was relieved to be able to forgo gelatin-based film in favor of digital format. Although I will always have a high regard for what seems to now be the anachronism of the dark room, admittedIy, I enjoy the instant gratification that digital photography offers. With the advent of digital photography, my life has become much simpler, making it easier to enjoy the process of capturing life one frame at a time.

Thank you for allowing me to share some of my captured moments with you.

-Tara Ganace.